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Divorce is a challenging and complicated event. It brings nearly every facet of your life to the fore and changes everything around. To face such change when you are already feeling emotionally weak in the knees is a major life challenge. I am Ryan Hobby, and my goal at Hobby Law, P.A., is to take this turmoil and put it into order, get through it without making costly mistakes, and put you on the pathway to a better life.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers Serving Leesburg And Ocoee

Divorce isn’t just one thing. It’s a complicated series of decisions that must be made. At Hobby Law, P.A., we counsel clients every step of the way. On this website we address every significant issue that comes up:

  • Divorce: explaining contested and  uncontested divorce, with a warning about do-it-yourself divorce; we also assist with military divorce
  • Custody/parenting plans: helping families create shared, collaborative parenting plans that allow both parents to maintain healthy long-term relationships with their children
  • Child support: helping families to allocate equitable child support payments
  • Spousal support/alimony: determining the amount of money paid from one spouse to another following divorce, and the duration of these payments
  • Modifications and enforcement: when circumstances change, so must court orders
  • Division of assets and debts: the distribution of finances and other assets in a divorce
  • Complex cases/equitable distribution: serving families with more complicated sets of assets, including businesses, partnerships and multiple real properties
  • Paternity/rights of unmarried parents: bringing accountability to unmarried parents
  • Temporary release: how the state can step in and protect families during divorce
  • Mediation: a less painful, less expensive, and less time-consuming way to resolve family issues

Modifications And Enforcement Attorneys For Winter Garden And The Villages

There are other family issues we assist with, including some adoptions, orders of protection, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and separations.  We invite you to contact us regarding any of these issues.

Family legal issues need to be resolved the right way. Contact Clermont family lawyer Ryan Hobby toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).