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Clermont Family Law Attorney

“When life changes let us guide you"

"Tough times can mean a fresh start"

"Compassionate and aggressive family law attorney”

Divorce, done properly, provides people with a fresh start at a new life. As a divorce lawyer serving Central Florida, it has been my privilege to assist many clients in making this new beginning.

My name is Ryan Hobby. At Hobby Law, P.A., in Clermont, we represent clients dealing with a host of family law problems relating to divorce and parenting. Some lawyers work from a one-size-fits-all mindset. We look for the approach that will bring you the best possible outcome for the future.

A Flexible Approach To Problem Solving

A major part of our practice involves mediation and other negotiated solutions. Many times we have participated in low-key, out-of-court negotiations that resolved even the most intractable disagreements, saving time, money and aggravation.

At the same time, I am an aggressive litigator when that approach is called for. Ryan Hobby has litigated cases in courtrooms throughout the entire State of Florida. The courtroom is the ideal proving ground for an upcoming attorney. As a result, we are never reluctant to fight for clients in open court.

The most important thing we provide for our clients is flexibility. People facing divorce are in an emotionally altered state, even in the most peaceful divorces. It is a great comfort to our clients to know that we will take the time to understand their situations and their goals, to provide them with the approach that best serves their specific needs.

Experienced Lake County Divorce Lawyers

If you are in an amicable divorce situation, we can help you resolve the terms of your uncontested divorce into a legally effective divorce decree.

If you are disputing child custody and support issues, we can help you mediate or negotiate workable solutions that preserve this relationship and protect your children.

Some disputes can only be resolved in court, of course — particularly division of assets and spousal support matters. In cases like this, we have successfully fought for our clients' interests.
If you have a serious family dispute that needs effective resolution, we urge you to call us today. We want to hear your story and plan an effective course of action with you.

Hobby Law can help resolve your family issues. Contact Clermont family law lawyer Ryan Hobby toll free at 888-99-HOBBY (888-994-6229).